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APEX PROFESSIONAL FITNESS is the Complete Package.
Not only do we train you and offer the right nutrition guidance, we're good listeners too.

Say goodbye to FAD DIETS and being told certain foods are sinful! Invest in YOU and do it the right way.

What Do We Offer?

"There's no happy ending to an unhappy journey"

Let me keep it simple I won't B.S you, I will confidently work with you to bring out your very best. Let me show you how introducing a little consistency into your schedule will beat looking for perfection every time.

Apex Professional
Fitness Services

One 2 One

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One 2 One
Apex delivers high quality One 2 One personal training. Covering all areas of the health and fitness spectrum

Early Fit

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Early Fit
Get out of bed and come join the team. Eight week programme throughout the year every Tues/Fri 6.15am – 7.00am.

Buddy Up

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Buddy Up
New to personal training? Why not train with a partner or friend to help ease you into the experience.

Nutrition System

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Nutrition System
Get our customised nutrition system specific to your needs and a shopping list of food to get you started.

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Cook Book

No dodgy slimming shakes or FAD diets needed with our cookbook. With 90 recipes combined, use this book to help transform your nutrition, without having to quit foods you enjoy!

After selling hundreds of copies, you can now grab yours FREE!

Get My Cook Book
Apex Fitness free e-book - cook book

Who Have Apex Professional Fitness
Worked With?

Reebok Spartan Race
Total Warrior
Gateshead Council
Procter and Gamble
Sky Sports

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